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EunHae’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
@leedonghae: I pick leader Teuk-ee hyung, Shindong-ee hyung, Heechul-ee hyung next; and Seungil-ee hyung, fighting ^^ Let’s do it ELF !!

@eunhyukee44: Ice Bucket Challenge !! Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong let’s do it !!

Heechul’s comment on Donghae’s instavid: Hey there,I didn`t get hit with water even during refreshing game..can I just do the good deeds part?

Heechul’s comment on Eunhyuk’s instavid: What do you think about hyung not getting hit with water and just doing the good deeds,my best friend?

All translations by @NKSubs

(Source: thegreatmingdynasty)

EDIT: Why Wonderland becomes better in the single
NOTE: Eunhyuk wanted to Donghae to say Wonderland becomes better because of his rap part. But Donghae pretended not to know what Hyuk said. So in the first gif Donghae teased Hyuk cutely what did Hyuk mean he didn’t get it ㅋㅋ Hyukjae was like eyyyy of course it was because of his rap part.
Sorry for the trans confusion. Thanks S.Young for your help!
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